Keane’s lunch

Keane’s meals

I try to make healthy lunches for keane. It’s a separate menu from the adults, so sometimes I ask myself if I’m being nuts to insist that Keane eats different stuff from us. I wish I have more time to make those super cute bento sets for keane but sadly, I don’t have the time. So hoping that keane has enough nutrients from the meals I prepare. 

The Nebuliser

Travis caught the bug from Keane. It’s inevitable because Keane would often go up to Travis and cough real hard and loud in front of the little one. 

So on the day that Keane was almost 100% recovered, Travis fell ill. 

We didn’t send him to the doc immediately. We wanted to self medicate. It seemed straightforward enough. But the cough was persistant and he looked kinda breathless each time he starts coughing

Off to the doc we went and came back with the wonderful Nebuliser. Never thought I’ll ever need it. And it made me panic if I had done anything wrong since he fell sick.