The Nebuliser

Travis caught the bug from Keane. It’s inevitable because Keane would often go up to Travis and cough real hard and loud in front of the little one. 

So on the day that Keane was almost 100% recovered, Travis fell ill. 

We didn’t send him to the doc immediately. We wanted to self medicate. It seemed straightforward enough. But the cough was persistant and he looked kinda breathless each time he starts coughing

Off to the doc we went and came back with the wonderful Nebuliser. Never thought I’ll ever need it. And it made me panic if I had done anything wrong since he fell sick. 

Keane’s fall

when s**t happens, you realise how weak you are and how strong you can be.

Keane fell off the bed on last Sunday and then he fell sick with fever and flu a few days back. So crappy things happen, they really do happen all at once.

We’re still not sure how Keane fell, but he landed with a huge thud that I could hear all the way at my kitchen. I felt so guilty, my tears just couldn’t stop. I was the only one at home after I put Keane down for his usual morning nap on my bed. He loved rolling around our bed cos it was big and he could be in his little gymnast mode. Hubby went out for a while then and after making sure that Keane was in deep sleep, I went to my study to send some emails and check on some work. Hubby came back in 10 minutes and when he opened the door to check on Keane, he saw baby land on the floor wailing. I think I almost fainted when he told me what had happened. I never expected Keane to fall off the bed. I was at a complete loss. Everyone usually depended on me to tell them what to do, how to do it when it comes to caring for baby. But this time around, I felt like everything was tearing apart.

Thankfully, hubby decided to take charge and quickly calmed Keane down. He stopped crying after 3 minutes. We quickly got on our way to KKH for a check cos I was so paranoid. Even after my mommy friends told me it’s ok and we could monitor him at home, I felt so horrid and wanted to just speed away to the doc. I needed a medical professional to tell me “it’s okay, he’ll be okay”.

Fast forward 72 hours after the fall, Keane had gone through his observation period smoothly. No bumps were seen or felt in this period, no vomiting, no lethargy, healthy appetite, but my heart certainly went into overwork. By the way, Keane’s poop was green! FIL probably said it’s the shock he suffered during the fall that caused it to turn this revolting colour. Interesting

Then soon after that, he had fever and flu. The poor boy was wheezing and tossing around his bed. And as we all know, if baby doesn’t sleep well, parents don’t sleep at all. I took out all the ointments, turned up the dehumidifier and ioniser, and took out the scent vaporiser. I believed it work slightly but I guess he still couldn’t run from another visit to the doctor.

I’m sorry, baby. I promise to be with you 24/7 as much as I can. And, sorry that you’re feeling so awful despite your super bright smiles.

keane's fall

goodies for babies ( I LOVE SAMPLES!)

When keane was still in my tummy, I was (unofficially) the one who decided what to buy in terms of his bottles, his diapers. basically all his necessities. His dad, on the other hand, was the one who picked out his bed sheets, his cot, his diaper table and most of all, his clothes. It’s role reversal which I can’t say if I enjoyed it or not, but was great to see hubby being so involved. (he was quite bochup during wedding preparations and home reno)

Since I’m getting all the necessities for keane, I wanted to make sure they would really be useful and I really don’t want to clutter my tiny, little shoebox in Punggol. So, I’ve discovered something that can only be described as godsend.. and it’s samples!! A BIG THANK YOU to all the awesome mommies who had been sharing al these goodies with me. I heart these samples more than my own beauty samples. I’ve heard so many stories of how babies reject formula milk (FM), wear nappies that cause rash or major pee leak. O.M.G.

According to the theory of good things must share… here’s my list!

Milk powder












I go for talks and usually, they will have goodie bags too. Although I have to pay for the talks but I get knowledge and a goodie bag too, so I don’t really mind. There used to be Mothercare Nursery Advisor Tour which I wrote about last year. It was really helpful, but I think they stopped it. It’s a pity cos the lady Amy knew so much about almost everything that’s to do with babies. Best of all, she helped me to decide on my breast pump brand. I picked UniMOM over Medela!

My Dear, Daddy …

My Dear, Daddy and Mommy have bought you an insurance plan so that when you reach the age to go university, we don’t have to use our retirement funds for your education. But that said, we want you to learn that not all things will come served to you all nice and pretty. So, we won’t tell you about this sum of money until we really see the need to. We hope that you will learn to earn your own money. Also, we hope you’ll learn life lessons like how we did in our 20s.

Baby Purchase! Ergo baby carrier with infant insert


Got a good deal at Advanology and both items cost us S$186.15, which I think is a pretty decent, considering that some secondhand Ergos are going for S$120. And I’ll probably do an afterthought of the item after Baby is all ready to go out and face the world!

I’ve 2 other baby carrier considerations –Manduca and the Baby Bjorn One.

Manduca looked slightly complicating to me as a 1st time mum and there were tons of consideration and possible ‘threats’ to our baby’s growth if we used a Baby Bjorn One. Apparently, when the scares of hip dysplasia came about, Baby Bjorn’s name was number one on the list. Nonetheless, Hubby was quite inclined to get the latest offer from Baby Bjorn as it was marketed to be developed with a team of paediatricians and child experts etc.  But after we tried out the ergo, we like the fact that it’s colourful (yes, sunny Singapore is too warm and anything light coloured is a double bonus point!) and it’s soft and snuggly. And most importantly, it’s affordable. We don’t intend to spend a lot  buying baby stuff cos we don’t know if Baby is going to enjoy being in it.

Ok… so one item down… and many many many many many many more to go.


ImageToday’s biggest surprise was knowing baby’s gender. And we’re having a boy! Although Dr Tan can’t confirm yet till we do the detailed scan in week 20, the pics she took of baby today did look quite convincing. I really thought she was just joking when she asked if hubby and I wanted to know the gender cos my mind was a total blank whenever I see my gynae. All I wanted to do during this check up was to let Dr Tan know that I’ve started vomiting in week 13 due to phlegm build up and the annoying, terrible tension headaches. I had totally forgotten that if I’m lucky and baby is in the right position, I could find out the gender of the baby. Maybe baby was being a really good boy cos I’ve been reminding the little one to be in the best position so I’ll know how to choose his baby stuff. Pink baby stuff is really cute!

We have a name for baby, which we will tell our closed friends and family after we get our confirmation next month. Hubby is really, really happy and I don’t know if it’s cos he’s happy that I won’t be building a massive wardrobe for a little girl. But it’s okayyy, I will still build a massive wardrobe for a little boy. Tiny adidas sneakers, tiny converse sneakers and tiny jeans.. omggggg. so cute. I want to buy all. time to start drafting my wardrobe list….