My tummy photos

ellomummy_cameraHubby is/was a photographer, depends on your definition of this vocation. But we haven’t really documented the pregnancy journey so far. A higher possibility was that I felt sick most of the time.  There are plenty of reasons why I feel this way which I don’t want to explore or discuss.

I need to start on my pregnancy scrapbook but I’m not so sure if I want to take pics of my tummy. I don’t know what to wear and I’m always unease in front of posed pictures!

Ovulation Kits for sale! Anyone?

2013-10-24 12.36.56Yes I have tooo many ovulation kits. Honestly I thought I would need to take a long time before I could get pregnant cos of my hormonal inbalance (hence my day op), but somehow we were really lucky and I got preggers about 5 months after. While we were trying, the paranoid me made hubby buy ovulation kits whenever he travelled for work. It’s so ex in Singapore but so cheap overseas! And now, I need to sell them off quick. Anyone interested? Good price! 🙂

And my shopping starts!


I’m going to start shopping cos I’m already in my second trimester and what better time to shop than now! Shopping is my favourite activity! 🙂 I’m really thankful for the countless lists that my friends had been passing on to me. It’s a good guideline for a first time mommy like me. My flat, like any other new flat,  is really small and I want to make sure that whatever I am going to buy is going to be used for at least awhile (if not hubby will make noise).

Going Private

ellemommy_docWhen I first got to know that I am pregnant, I embarked on a whirlwind semi-crazy hunt for a good gynae to deliver my baby. Before I really started trying for a baby, I had a body check up to make sure everything is ok. In the end, I had a day op in Feb this year to remove a polyp, which apparently might be hindering my chances of getting pregnant. This procedure was done by Dr Ann Tan who was really professional and truly what you would expect from a doctor in the private sector. However, after my visits with her, I realised that she was a better doc for those who can’t conceive easily and I don’t think I need that kind of expertise right now. Also, realistically speaking, she was quite expensive. Well she did come with a long string of accolades and credentials. She’s good at what she does and I strongly recommend her for anyone who wants to do a pre-pregnancy check or those who need help to conceive. But I am still slightly traumatised that she was late for my op and I was freezing from cold (or shivering from fear) as I lay INSIDE the operating theatre. It’s my first time having a op in my life and it’s just omg experience for me. Imagine looking around while lying on the operating bed and all you see are medical equipment.

After asking a few of my girlfriends, I shortlisted two doctors. One delivered at Mount Elizabeth exclusively and the other doc is with KKH. It’s a big difference in terms of hospital branding, service and of course, maternity packages. But thankfully, hubby said he would be supportive with my choice as we decided that I will have the final say on which doc to pick. The deciding factor would be how I feel after each visit.. It’s important! I mean come on, this person is going to see you through the entire 9,10 months and will see you at your most unglamorous, and vulnerable state.

I know I definitely have to go private. I need privacy and am a light sleeper. I know I’m fussy! At least I admit it, right? I was delivered at Mt Alvernia and my mom had always told me of her horrible experience with KK when she had my sis there. So all my life, I wanted to deliver anywhere but KK.

Hence from the beginning, I was rather inclined to pick MT E and I’ll just call him Dr A. I had a really, really horrible time when I went to KK to confirm my pregnancy and I knew I would be well taken care of at MT E since I had done my polyp op there. But after two visits at Dr A’s clinic, I still didn’t feel quite right. Somehow, I feel like I was paying to fund for his porsche in his garage and his team of nurses were too friendly (ok, I know I’m weird. but I feel unease when people get too overly excited). His charges were really reasonable and if the nurses were correct, the price diff between MT E and KKH was only $3k difference and that’s pretty manageable. However, the “worrier” in me was still concerned about hidden costs since so many people had said delivering at MT E is at least $10k.

In the end, I had picked Dr KT Tan from KKH. Yes, I had a horrible experience at their 24hr clinic and never wanted to go KK but as what hubby said, these people weren’t going to be there when I deliver and I won’t ever see them again. The experience with Dr KT Tan was “interesting” and was really different from what I’ve seen from KKH so far. And also, if anything is to happen to me and baby, I know I would have to be sent back to KK, so might as well go to KK in the first place? I’m also going in as private patient, which was what I wanted.. The only problem is the KK branding. True, and as what many other forummers say about her, she is indeed very calm, quick, straightforward and fuss free. But these are the exact qualities that I appreciate! Maybe cos I’m like that as well. HAHA. When I was with Dr A, he did tell me many things about my pregnancy but to Dr KT Tan, she would rather keep it to herself unless they were really a call for concern. She said that herself “why make you worry”. You know how when you go private clinics, they try to create a really homely environment and try to know you, know your spouse, know your family blah blah. I mean I get their good intentions to put me at ease but sometimes, I just don’t know how to respond and I just want to know if my baby is ok!

And I’m really, really hoping that I can delivery naturally. Dr KT Tan had delivered 2 of my friend’s boys by natural birth and they are those angmoh boys. I’ve seen them and they are big babies! So with my friend’s testimonials and case studies, I decided to go with her. Besides, I find it amusing that the nurses always ask me why I choose to pick Dr KT Tan, like I’ve gone bonkers. I happy what. Cannot is it? 

So with the cost savings for going with KK, I can hire a confinement lady with a slightly higher budget. My mother-in-law is not around any more and my mom is not very savvy with confinement matters. When I told her I’m pregnant, all she did was ‘oh yay! let me go dig out some (vintage) baby clothes that I kept since your childhood and your baby jewellery to pass down to the baby.” My parents are indeed different. Hubby decided that to make things easy for me, a good confinement lady is a must. And good don’t come cheap.

So far, I’m pretty happy with my choice of doc and hospital. Will update again if I feel it’s getting lousy!


ImageToday’s biggest surprise was knowing baby’s gender. And we’re having a boy! Although Dr Tan can’t confirm yet till we do the detailed scan in week 20, the pics she took of baby today did look quite convincing. I really thought she was just joking when she asked if hubby and I wanted to know the gender cos my mind was a total blank whenever I see my gynae. All I wanted to do during this check up was to let Dr Tan know that I’ve started vomiting in week 13 due to phlegm build up and the annoying, terrible tension headaches. I had totally forgotten that if I’m lucky and baby is in the right position, I could find out the gender of the baby. Maybe baby was being a really good boy cos I’ve been reminding the little one to be in the best position so I’ll know how to choose his baby stuff. Pink baby stuff is really cute!

We have a name for baby, which we will tell our closed friends and family after we get our confirmation next month. Hubby is really, really happy and I don’t know if it’s cos he’s happy that I won’t be building a massive wardrobe for a little girl. But it’s okayyy, I will still build a massive wardrobe for a little boy. Tiny adidas sneakers, tiny converse sneakers and tiny jeans.. omggggg. so cute. I want to buy all. time to start drafting my wardrobe list….