Since my eldest’s birth in 2014, I’ve been a SAHM. It took me a while to accept that term because I don’t want to be known as XXX’s mommy. I am still me, and being a mommy is just one of my many roles. It doesn’t entirely define me, and please address me by name if you know it. Hence the name of my site, helloyin, it’s about me as a person and the various aspects of my life.

I had dabbled in many job vocations. I was a writer & stylist for many years before dipping my toes into public relations and marketing. At one point in time, I was even a contract teacher at my alma mater. I believe my time as a teacher also influenced my decision to stay home and care for my children. However, even now as I take care of my two young boys, I still take on some writing jobs to keep myself sane.

helloyin is a place where I share my thoughts about being a SAHM, practical fashion styles for moms, smart time-saving cooking habits and basically whatever that crossed my mind.