{Lessons} B-I-N-G-O

Bought this a while back when I was shopping at Daiso because I was planning to use them to teach Keane numbers. He’s a smart boy but he tends to forget when he plays too much. So school holidays and holidays are a nightmare for me sometimes.

These Bingo cards are a great way to teach numbers to children. There are 60 cards in each pack, so you can play as many times as you want and the cards don’t repeat. It’s all serialised.

The numbers are actually perforated. You can tear them out. But I wanted the boy to practice holding and writing with his pencil so I made all the players use a pencil. After the game, I kept all the used Bingo cards and I’m planning to reuse them for another game. It’s such a waste to throw away such perfectly clean and new number cards, isn’t it! Wait for my update. I’ve a new game teach numbers to children with these used cards in mind.

How To Play Bingo? 

  • The aim of the game is to make a line by crossing out the numbers called.
  • You just need more than one player to take turns.
  • So Player A calls out a number and if Player B has it, he can cross it out on his card. If he doesn’t, he’ll just have to pass. Essentially he loses one chance to cancel out a number to make a line when he doesn’t have the number.
  • Once Player A has his turn, the next Player goes. And so forth.
  • Whoever makes a line by connecting five numbers wins the game!

I’m probably going Daiso to grab more packets of this. It’s the size of my palm which makes it small to pack into my bag and absolutely a joy to play when we’re travelling. Teaching numbers to children could be this easy 🙂

This is also a great bonding family activity for everyone including grandparents to little toddlers.

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