My Day Boys getting ready for their afternoon nap

How do I spend my day?

What do I do each day?

I get a lot of these questions from many people.

Sometimes I ask myself this question too. What did I do that makes me so tired by the end of each day??

There’s a schedule each day that we don’t exactly stick to. Things just fall into a pattern. But one thing I insist is that the kids must have their afternoon naps.

A typical school day

8am or earlier – Wake up to make milk. While they finish up their milk, complete some work if there’s any to be done.

Hubby is sweet. If he’s at home, he would help to make the milk, cook rice and lastly make coffee. Getting the coffee machine is the biggest joy in his life so he really enjoys making coffee. He loves it so I’m not complaining if someone makes it!

815am – Start cooking for lunch. Make bread for hubby and myself.

820am – Kids should have finished their milk. Start entertaining their breakfast demands that come fast and furious every 5 minutes. “I want vitamins/ jam bread/ crackers/ cereal/ corn flakes/ cheese) Seriously kids, I wish there’s some automated hygienic food dispenser where you can just press whatever snacks you want. And it won’t attract pests to the house.

Hubby is floor obsessed. At this point, he would be vacuuming the floor. I could write another long post about his obsession with clean floor. At one point in time, I had three vacuums. A wired plug in dyson for weekly cleaning, a handheld vacuum for daily cleaning and a robot vacuum to clean mop the place when we are out. When he got introduced for the rainbow vacuum (yes, the insanely expensive $3000 one), I told him he has to get rid of one vacuum before we can even consider it. Excuse me, I live in a 4 room flat. I don’t think I need four kinds of vacuum right? Besides, its $3,000!!! By the way, we got rid of the robot one if you’re curious and got the rainbow

845am– Kids breakfast game going on strong. Finish cooking lunch.

9- 915am– Change tv channel from mommy daddy channel to whatever the kids want to watch. Hubby leaves home for work. And I do all the chores I can possibly squeeze in – laundry, wiping surface, packing

10am – Brunch or lunch time part 1. The kids eat a small bowl of rice before they go sch cos sch’s at a really odd timing

1030am – change to uniform

1045am-leave home. The kids really take their time to stroll to the train station when it’s just a quick 5 min walk for an adult.

11am – reach LRT station

1110am – reach school

1120am– send both kids in. FREEDOM

Then I do whatever I want. I go shopping, gym whatever.

2pm – pick up Travis. Give him some snacks before Keane comes out later

215pm– Keane comes out and we walk to our ride

225pm – ride arrives

235pm– reach my blk and my mom arrives

245pm– reach home. The kids go to bathe and I’ll start heating up the food for lunch part 2

3pm– Dry and dress the kids. Give them food and I’ll go bathe. Keane eats on his own but my mom would feed Travis

320pm– finish showering and start to heat up Keane’s fresh milk. Kids should be finishing their meal now. After meal, they play

4pm – nap time for all. I’ll start on my work

530pm – kids wake up and I’ll be trying to pacify them. Super whiny when they wake up especially Travis. Turn on tv for them

615pm – start to make dinner

645pm – finish cooking

7pm– hubby comes home. Serves dinner for all.

730pm– finish dinner and play / TV time till they sleep

745pm – wash dishes

830pm – wash up. Drink milk and get ready for bed

9pm – lights off. If hubby’s home, he puts them to bed while I can continue on with my work.

1030pm – Hubby comes out from their room and we finish up the chores. We eat snacks (supper) and just have our super short couple time.

12pm – good night.

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