The Soup Master

Black Bean Soup

When I first got married, hubby casually mentioned that it’s really nice to come home to a table of home cooked food. I know he doesn’t mean it in a chauvinistic manner. After all this is the man who washes the toilet, does the dishes and mops the floor. 

So now that I’m a part time SAHM (I’m still working freelance!), I really try to make as much home cooked meals as possible with the two kids. 

And recently, thanks to auntie Chong who’s been very kindly and patiently answering my 101 questions of how to cook the soups, I’m proud to have 2 sure win, sure ok soups under my belt! She made such amazing soups during my confinement and hubby loved it so why not learn from her isn’t it? My mom’s not a good cook so I’m not so keen on following her recipes (if she even has any to start with). 

I’m all psyched to make Chinese herbal soups weekly. But the issue is finding a good recipe. I’ve seen recipe books at popular book store. It’s affordable at below $20, but I’m not sure if I want to add one more book to my overcrowded bookshelf. And online resources are mostly in Chinese which can be a little difficult to understand. 

Maybe I should just start with basics 

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