Farewell, oh Breast Pump

I’ve just sold my breast pump. It’s a unimom forte. Not a popular brand but it served me well when I needed it.

It’s odd but I feel a little emo about the sale. Maybe because the breast pump played such an integral role when both boys were newborns, selling it felt like I was bidding farewell to a very important period of my life. Lots of friends asked me how this model fares compared to the other brands. I was lucky to have been gifted the spectra s2 and the medela (forgot which model) for my second birth but I still stuck to the unimom for familiarity sake. Honestly I can’t give a thorough review cos I was a lazy who didn’t like to pump milk. What I can say 

  1. I think because spectra and unimom are both Korean brands, the design is very similar. Streamline. Simple. Pretty. Has a very warm and happy vibe which is important (to me) cos breastfeeding journey is very tough. 
  2. Spectra has a night light function which is really useful for midnight pumps. I have a bedside light but it can be a little bright for my bravos beside me. 
  3. Spectra can be battery operated, so no fear for black out and great for road trips! Unimom has a switch kit to make your pump a manual one. But seriously, manual pump is so tiring
  4. Spectra and unimom doesn’t have as much parts as medela
  5. All brands are hospital grade


all my unimom breastfeeding stuff

Perhaps like what my husband said, we are just about to start a new adventure with the boys. 

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