I’m not pregnant. 

When I first got pregnant with keane, I was actually still trying to regulate my weight because I had hormonal imbalance. I had polyps in my uterine lining which I didn’t know and these polyps are the reason for 6kg weight gain.   

So before I lost weight. I got pregnant and became fatter. 

After delivery, I didn’t lose weight like at the drop of a pin. I wished I did but sadly my body isn’t so fabulous that way. Very very sad. Before I lost all my pregnancy weight, I got pregnant yet again when Keane was about 8 months.

When I was carrying Travis (my baby no. 2), my stomach was so huge that friends and strangers would ask if I was having twins. Walking for 5 min was so painful on my pelvis. I was at my heaviest at 70kg. I was a fat cow, whale etc. Hope you get the idea  

So after I delivered Travis, again unfortunately I didn’t lose weight fast enough. What made things worst was that I suspect my abdomen wall muscle didn’t close up well so I had this awkward angular bulge for almost 6 months. 

When I go out, people are still asking me if I’m pregnant. It’s pretty demoralizing. I’m trying to cope with two kids, get used to not having a social life and people just have to ask if I’m pregnant. Major blow to my self-esteem.

So, people (friends, family, strangers) stop staring at my stomach. I’m not pregnant and I’m really trying to lose weight. Try being in my shoes so you can understand how tough it is to find that pocket of time to exercise. 

Again. I’m not pregnant 

one week before I delivered Travis

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