The Birth

“Wake up. I think my waterbag burst”

It was about 7.15am on 21 Sep. I woke up thinking when would I deliver – my edd was 23 Sep. Would it be today or tomorrow. My luck couldn’t get any better, because in the next minute, my water burst. The feeling of water uncontrollably gushing down between my legs is terribly odd.  Woke up the hubby and i went to make arrangements for Keane to be sent over to my mom’s place.

Took me a long while to get to triage and then into the delivery suite. The place was packed. I’ve never seen the reception area filled!

Thankfully, I got checked and wheeled into my delivery suite in about 90 minutes after I arrived. It was almost noon. The auntie who helped me into the room wasn’t very excited her job obviously. She told me to get changed right there and then. In the middle of the delivery suite and in front of her and my hubby. O.M.G I couldn’t be bothered to argue with her because I wanted to get breakfast. I’ve only one and half slice of McD hashbrowns in the morning while waiting at Triage. I had grand plans to enjoy a good breakfast in the suite (like when I delivered Keane). But sadly, my dreams were dashed when the nurse told me that my doc gave a no food allowed order since i’ve already dilated 2.5cm.

Because I didn’t feel any contractions and I was fast approaching 4cm, I asked for the epidural. It’s my best friend! 😀

Nearing 4.30pm, the docs came to check and I was about 5cm dilated. They told me I might deliver at about 9pm. I was devastated because I didn’t want to go through another long birth and I wanted food asap.

They checked me again at about 530 after I told them about a pressure I felt on my cervix. Miraculously, I’m already 10 cm and ready to deliver! But soon after, I started shivering and panicking. I have no idea why so but I just felt very overwhelmed by the thought that I’m going to deliver my second baby, and my life is going to change again. New milestone in life. Mother of 2 at 30yo.

My doc came in and was all ready. I did my best to stay calm as I got into the position. Knowing the fact that I’m delivering a huge baby wasn’t helping to calm my frazzled nerves. I trust my doc, if not I wouldn’t be seeing her the second time around. When doc said “push”, I really did and with three strong push.. and with that my baby is born.

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