The wait continues

it’s about 5 days more till EDD. 

Travis is about 3.4kg at 38 weeks and is already a bigger baby as compared to Keane. I’ve always wanted to have a baby who is heavier than 3kg cos my side of the family always had babies this size. Keane barely hit 3kg when he was born. 

But now that I got my wish, I’ve another worry and that is how am I going to push the little fella out! Dr Tan was sweet enough to not mock my worry and send me for another fetal scan for a more accurate weight measurement. Once we get the result, we’ll probably decide again how we want to deliver Travis. Should we continue to go for natural delivery (which we feel is better for my post partum recovery and Travis’ health) or just go straight for C-section. The latter would be a big financial burden considering our current situation now. 

In all, I just pray that things will work out fine! 

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