Every pregnancy is different

According to the WTE app in my iPhone, I am currently Week 37 Day 6, and three days ago, I’ve already dilated 1cm. O.M.G.

With my first pregnancy, Keane didn’t even want to budge until I induced him a day before the EDD. But with No 2, things are so different. Apart from the fact that there’s a higher chance he might say “hello!” earlier, the physical changes in my body is much more significant. I waddle (instead of walk) cos of my huge tummy. People have expressed varying degrees of shock when I tell them I’m just expecting one baby or that I’ve a month before I’m due. The skin on my tummy is so taut and showed a disgusting web of broken blood vessels. My belly button has popped out months ago and recently turned black cos of the blood vessels. I have to applaud Hubby for not showing me his disgust actually. My ankles are swollen slightly. Most of all, I’ve hit the 70kg mark. I know I’m pregnant. But i seriously feel fat.

Also, I’ve taken on a new freelance writing job and signed the contract before my doc visit. Thankfully, the company’s understanding to give me a flexible deadline for this month.

Dear boy, please stay inside for another 2 weeks okay.

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