Keane’s fall

when s**t happens, you realise how weak you are and how strong you can be.

Keane fell off the bed on last Sunday and then he fell sick with fever and flu a few days back. So crappy things happen, they really do happen all at once.

We’re still not sure how Keane fell, but he landed with a huge thud that I could hear all the way at my kitchen. I felt so guilty, my tears just couldn’t stop. I was the only one at home after I put Keane down for his usual morning nap on my bed. He loved rolling around our bed cos it was big and he could be in his little gymnast mode. Hubby went out for a while then and after making sure that Keane was in deep sleep, I went to my study to send some emails and check on some work. Hubby came back in 10 minutes and when he opened the door to check on Keane, he saw baby land on the floor wailing. I think I almost fainted when he told me what had happened. I never expected Keane to fall off the bed. I was at a complete loss. Everyone usually depended on me to tell them what to do, how to do it when it comes to caring for baby. But this time around, I felt like everything was tearing apart.

Thankfully, hubby decided to take charge and quickly calmed Keane down. He stopped crying after 3 minutes. We quickly got on our way to KKH for a check cos I was so paranoid. Even after my mommy friends told me it’s ok and we could monitor him at home, I felt so horrid and wanted to just speed away to the doc. I needed a medical professional to tell me “it’s okay, he’ll be okay”.

Fast forward 72 hours after the fall, Keane had gone through his observation period smoothly. No bumps were seen or felt in this period, no vomiting, no lethargy, healthy appetite, but my heart certainly went into overwork. By the way, Keane’s poop was green! FIL probably said it’s the shock he suffered during the fall that caused it to turn this revolting colour. Interesting

Then soon after that, he had fever and flu. The poor boy was wheezing and tossing around his bed. And as we all know, if baby doesn’t sleep well, parents don’t sleep at all. I took out all the ointments, turned up the dehumidifier and ioniser, and took out the scent vaporiser. I believed it work slightly but I guess he still couldn’t run from another visit to the doctor.

I’m sorry, baby. I promise to be with you 24/7 as much as I can. And, sorry that you’re feeling so awful despite your super bright smiles.

keane's fall

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