goodies for babies ( I LOVE SAMPLES!)

When keane was still in my tummy, I was (unofficially) the one who decided what to buy in terms of his bottles, his diapers. basically all his necessities. His dad, on the other hand, was the one who picked out his bed sheets, his cot, his diaper table and most of all, his clothes. It’s role reversal which I can’t say if I enjoyed it or not, but was great to see hubby being so involved. (he was quite bochup during wedding preparations and home reno)

Since I’m getting all the necessities for keane, I wanted to make sure they would really be useful and I really don’t want to clutter my tiny, little shoebox in Punggol. So, I’ve discovered something that can only be described as godsend.. and it’s samples!! A BIG THANK YOU to all the awesome mommies who had been sharing al these goodies with me. I heart these samples more than my own beauty samples. I’ve heard so many stories of how babies reject formula milk (FM), wear nappies that cause rash or major pee leak. O.M.G.

According to the theory of good things must share… here’s my list!

Milk powder












I go for talks and usually, they will have goodie bags too. Although I have to pay for the talks but I get knowledge and a goodie bag too, so I don’t really mind. There used to be Mothercare Nursery Advisor Tour which I wrote about last year. It was really helpful, but I think they stopped it. It’s a pity cos the lady Amy knew so much about almost everything that’s to do with babies. Best of all, she helped me to decide on my breast pump brand. I picked UniMOM over Medela!

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