A big dose of good news, a little bit of not-so-good news

I had my ultrasound scan yesterday. I’m going to focus on the good news first. We’re having a baby boy (confirm!) and baby’s looking all good and normal. I don’t look too big now so I was a little worried about baby’s size for a little while. I wondered if it’s cos I didn’t eat enough, or if the baby is getting enough nutrients. You know first time mommies really worry a lot. But it’s ok now. BABY IS GROWING WELL! 🙂

Now on the not-so-good news. My placenta is slightly low-lying. To be exact, in medical terms, it’s Lower Posteria Mid. I’m not going to go into the medical terms exactly but in short, it means that my placenta is (slightly) covering the cervix at the moment when it should be moving upwards, away from the cervix. My doc would be sending me for an additional scan in week 32 to see if the placenta has moved up. If it does, then I can go for natural delivery. If it doesn’t, I’ve to go for caesarean. I don’t mind going for the scan cos I can see baby again! But it’s a bit of a cold water to go for this kind of reason.

Well, I just heard from my girl friend that she had the same condition as me and her placenta moved up in the end. She had taken some chinese herbs, which I’m a little apprehensive. In the meantime, I’m just not doing anything strenuous, no heavy lifting etc. I’m going to be slob.

Here’s how my placenta looks like now and what it should be

placenta-previa babycenter

Taken from Babycenter.com

Some sites that I read up on placenta praevia


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