Mothercare Nursery Advisor

Hubby and I went for Mothercare nursery tour at their flagship store at Mothercare last Saturday, which was extremely useful and information for first-time mommies like me. Topics covered included what kind of clothes do newborn babies require, maternity clothes, bedding and cots and prams etc. Amy was the nursery guide and I liked that she was able to analyse the pros and cons of each item. It certainly made our decision making easier. The tour took almost 2 hours but time flew past just like that  *snaps fingers* as you walked around the store. It’s Xmas sale right now and we were tempted to buy everything! But baby is only coming in April and there’s going to be another Mothercare sale sometime in Feb, so I guess we will keep our fingers and toes crossed that the sale’s going to be awesome then.

However, it didn’t stop us from getting some good buys like the AYR cot bed (comes with free mattress and can convert to a junior bed !) at S$330 and the AYR nappy changing table S$59. I hope these are functional because of my friends had gotten their stuff at IKEA and Baby Kingdom. Hubby didn’t like the ones from there and unfortunately, we have to admit that we can be blinded by aesthetics. These look so minimalist and simple! I love 🙂


Photo taken from Mothercare website

At the end of the tour, we were given a big bag of freebies! As my sister-in-law puts it, it’s a great a starter kit to test out what you really need. There’s disposable bibs, weaning set, soother pouch, body powder, body wash, bib, mothercare vouchers, maternity pads, muslin cloth, wet wipes, storage bags, disposable breast pads and a bottle. Not bad, isn’t it!

ellomummy_mothercare freebie

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