Baby Purchase! Ergo baby carrier with infant insert


Got a good deal at Advanology and both items cost us S$186.15, which I think is a pretty decent, considering that some secondhand Ergos are going for S$120. And I’ll probably do an afterthought of the item after Baby is all ready to go out and face the world!

I’ve 2 other baby carrier considerations –Manduca and the Baby Bjorn One.

Manduca looked slightly complicating to me as a 1st time mum and there were tons of consideration and possible ‘threats’ to our baby’s growth if we used a Baby Bjorn One. Apparently, when the scares of hip dysplasia came about, Baby Bjorn’s name was number one on the list. Nonetheless, Hubby was quite inclined to get the latest offer from Baby Bjorn as it was marketed to be developed with a team of paediatricians and child experts etc.  But after we tried out the ergo, we like the fact that it’s colourful (yes, sunny Singapore is too warm and anything light coloured is a double bonus point!) and it’s soft and snuggly. And most importantly, it’s affordable. We don’t intend to spend a lot  buying baby stuff cos we don’t know if Baby is going to enjoy being in it.

Ok… so one item down… and many many many many many many more to go.

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