ImageToday’s biggest surprise was knowing baby’s gender. And we’re having a boy! Although Dr Tan can’t confirm yet till we do the detailed scan in week 20, the pics she took of baby today did look quite convincing. I really thought she was just joking when she asked if hubby and I wanted to know the gender cos my mind was a total blank whenever I see my gynae. All I wanted to do during this check up was to let Dr Tan know that I’ve started vomiting in week 13 due to phlegm build up and the annoying, terrible tension headaches. I had totally forgotten that if I’m lucky and baby is in the right position, I could find out the gender of the baby. Maybe baby was being a really good boy cos I’ve been reminding the little one to be in the best position so I’ll know how to choose his baby stuff. Pink baby stuff is really cute!

We have a name for baby, which we will tell our closed friends and family after we get our confirmation next month. Hubby is really, really happy and I don’t know if it’s cos he’s happy that I won’t be building a massive wardrobe for a little girl. But it’s okayyy, I will still build a massive wardrobe for a little boy. Tiny adidas sneakers, tiny converse sneakers and tiny jeans.. omggggg. so cute. I want to buy all. time to start drafting my wardrobe list….

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